Stories: Economy & Business

  • The Future Flows through It

    Turkey is not just where cultures bracingly blend, or through which pipelines are crucially threaded, though these things are certainly true. It's simply where the world's vital interests seem to intersect. ISTANBUL, Turkey -- Brusque, controversial and rich, Ishak Alaton didn't so much field questions from the visiting group of Western journalists as hold court at his sun-washed headquarters overlooking...

  • How They Deal with Crisis in Sweden

    In the early 90's, Sweden was facing a financial crisis that sounds a lot similar to what the U.S. is going through right now. Alisa Roth explores what the country did to get back on its feet and why it worked out well in the end. TEXT OF STORY Scott Jagow: The U.S. is not the first country...

  • Japan quietly seeks global leadership niches

    Tokyo - In the 1980s, the buzz here was about "Japan bashing" – the biting criticism of a country that was eviscerating America's postwar industrial dominance. This is still the world's second-biggest economy. But more recently, Japanese have spoken in bemused terms about "Japan passing" – shorthand for a country feeling overshadowed by a rising China and India. Japan's meteoric...

  • Haitian Loan Program Rewards Advancement

    The idea is simple: Haitian women take a small loan and commit to a program to improve their family's standard of living. The better they do improving their lives, the more money they can borrow at no interest. So far, it's helped tens of thousands of Haitians.

  • Geo Answer: Haiti

    Today's Geo Quiz takes us to a fishing village in northern Haiti where the beach is owned by a major cruise line and the locals don't get to use it. The answer is Labadie. Reporter Ruxandra Guidi takes us there. Click here to listen to PRI's "The World:" Geo Answer

  • What does Venezuela want from Haiti

    Venezuela is trying to increase its influence throughout Central and South America — in particular Haiti. In the aftermath of summer storms, Venezuela has been contributing significant amounts of aid to the country. What is President Hugo Chavez after?

  • Castro’s Cuba ‘Revolution’ Becomes ‘Devolution’

    I played deaf a couple of times in Cuba. After four weeks the hustlers had put me in so many socially awkward situations that it became my game to turn the tables on them. I gave them blank, uncomprehending looks and pointed to my ear when they asked for money. Then I watched them try to extricate themselves from the...