Stories: Maasai

  • When the Rains Slowed: Food Insecurity in Northern Tanzania

    The Maasai Steppe in northeastern Tanzania is bone dry for more months out of the year than those who dwell there are used to. This is a new occurrence. Depending on who you ask in the local Maasai community in Uwiro village, some say the rains started changing in 2001, including several Maasai women who recalled cutting countless trees for...

  • A fome dos Maasai

    Vilarejo de Mkuru, norte da Tanzânia. Tajiri Asais tem onze anos, mas parece ter seis. Ele pesa 21 quilos e mede 1,26 metro. O peso e tamanho médio de um menino dessa idade são 34 quilos e 1,41 centímetros. Todos os dias, Tajiri anda uma hora para chegar até a escola. De café da...

  • The Maasai in Pictures: Uwiro Village, Tanzania

      Tom Murphy reported this story in Tanzania as a fellow with the International Reporting Project (IRP).

  • The Trouble With Maasai Boys

    A drought in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in northwest Tanzania claimed the lives of more than 200 children in 2011. The dry season and unsure rains mean that the Maasai children that live in the region are still at risk. It may be the boys who are at the greatest risk. Girls fall behind at an early age compared to their...

  • The Maasai of Tanzania

    A Maasai woman rests sitting in a rock near her house in Uwiro, Tanzania. Driving by Maasai during a drought in Tanzania. Almudena Toral is reporting from Tanzania as a fellow with the International Reporting Project (IRP).

  • Sounds of the Maasai

  • American Seeks to Become Warrior and Help Maasai Stop Being Sexist

    A new book by and about the supposed first female Maasai warrior is stirring up controversy. Mindy Budgor is a Gucci-wearing, MBA-toting Californian who is promoting this book that tells of her attempt to ‘enlighten’ a Kenyan Maasai community by showing them not only men can be warriors. A blurb you won’t read on the book...