Stories: Indigenous Communities

  • The Logic of Power

    BLOCKADES ARE THE WORKHORSE of Bolivian political protest. People who live in La Paz, the seat of government, have grown accustomed to them. They know that, nearly any day, they can expect to be descending one of the steeply angled downtown streets, or squeezed into the back of one of the minibuses, or vans, that compose the mass transit system,...

  • Portraits of Resilience

    This past April, documentary photographer Sara Hylton traveled across Saskatchewan, where over 50 percent of missing or murdered women and girls are Indigenous—one of the highest proportions in the country. With help from Ntawnis Piapot, a local Cree journalist, Hylton met with community elders, victims’ families, and women willing to share their experiences. Hylton’s photos capture...

  • Where To Next?

    The Shipibo indigenous community moved to Peru's capital Lima about two decades ago when their habitat was destroyed by logging, illegal mining and the construction of roads in the jungle. But today, plans to clean up the slum where they live are pushing them away once again. Ruxandra Guidi reports with the support of the International Reporting Project.