Stories: Child Abuse

  • A day on the factory floor for a young refugee

    At 6am, seven-year-old Mohammed Nour Abdullah sets out for work. He walks past a park, along a busy road, turns down a side street and slips through a pink doorway. Inside is a workshop the size of a large classroom. All day long it buzzes with the whirr and thrum of machinery and the tinny sound of pop music played...

  • Child Survival in India

    Lindsey Mastis reported from India on a new media journalism trip with the International Reporting Project (IRP).

  • After Eighty Years, No Prosecutions for FGM in the UK

    As long ago as 1932, the MP Colonel Wedgwood (direct descendent of the famous potter) spoke in parliament on the 'horrible practice of female circumcision' that he had seen in Kenya and questioned any acceptance of 'their customs...their cruelties'. It’s a practice that involves the partial to complete removal of a girl’s external genitals which inevitably...