Stories: Business

  • Big Retailers Face Resistance in India

    India is bracing for nationwide strikes on Thursday. Many stores will close to protest the Indian government’s decision to open the country to big Western retailers like Wal-Mart. Indian leaders tried to do this last year, but backtracked after fierce opposition. Reporter Christopher Werth has more.

  • Hungry for Change

    The Last Hunger Season by Roger Thurow is the story of a group of Kenyan farmers working to transcend lives of dire poverty and hunger. It highlights the challenges, and necessity, of transforming African agriculture. Much of Africa’s agricultural technology has lagged behind that of the rest of the world, but with the right seeds, fertilizer, and...

  • Chinese Exports Help Boost Economy Over India

      India has lost its ranking as the country with the most upbeat consumers. That's according to the global information company Nielsen, which says Indonesia now holds the top spot on the list. It's more bad economic news for India, which has been hurt particularly hard by the European debt crisis. It wasn't long ago that many...