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    Life Under an Active Volcano in Ecuador

    It was June 1877 and summer in the Sierra. The dry, Andean wind carried specks of ash that sprinkled down upon the sprawling haciendas and lush swaths of green pastures as hundreds of farm animals grazed at the foot of Cotopaxi, one of the world's highest active volcanoes. Since the beginning of the year, the majestic snow capped summit,
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    Drug Deals: How Big Pharma and the Indian Government Are Letting Millions of Patients Down

    THE DELHI OFFICE of the controller general of patents, designs and trademarks is situated in the neighbourhood of Dwarka Sector 14, a 45-minute drive from the capital’s centres of power. There is a placid air about the place, and on winter afternoons you’re likely to spot the odd group of junior employees sunning themselves on the
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    ‘A City Lost in the Desert’: A Visit to the Sahara’s Uranium Capital

    In May 2013, a car bomb detonated near the Somair uranium mine in Arlit, in northern Niger, killing one person. Moments earlier, in Agadez, some 150 miles south, Al Qaeda-affiliated militants waged an assault on Nigerien army positions that killed over 20 people. That same year, Niger’s two uranium mines produced
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    Myanmar Parliament Enters Democratic Era After 54 Years of Military Rule

    As Aung San Suu Kyi's party assumes control of Myanmar's parliament Monday and ends more than half a century of military rule, who will lead the government and what its priorities will be remain shrouded in secrecy. Video: Bloomberg After more than five decades of isolation and repressive military rule, Myanmar on Monday swore in hundreds of
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    Oil and Lava

    On the final day of March 2014, President Rafael Correa was blinking away tears on live television. Extreme close-ups showed the bombastic leader struggling to suppress emotion as he listened to student Daniela Armijo thank him for creating “the hope of a new Ecuador.” But Armijo was not just any student. And this was not a run-of-the-mill political event.
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    Reporting on Climate Change from Marrakech: COP22 in Review

    Did you miss the event? You can find the full video here.   {image-1} Glendora Meikle, Susan Phillips, and Zack Colman {image-2} John Schidlovsky {image-3} Zack Colman {image-4} Susan Phillips
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    Spraying for Malarial Mosquitoes in Mozambique

    Health workers use a controversial insecticide to combat malaria in a door-to-door campaign in Mozambique.
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    The Contradiction of Brazil’s ‘Favelas’

    In Brazil, slum tours are common in shanty towns known in the country as favelas. Brazil’s government has encouraged the tours as a way of earning money for a people said to live in some of the world’s most violent areas. Theresa Williamson stands at the foot of several stairs leading into Rio de Janeiro&rsquo