Sarah Jones Recognized in Moscow Foto Awards

By IRP Staff, November 01, 2015

Entry Title: "SidSid"
Name: Sarah Jones, United States 
Category: Professional

Entry Description: Sidsid, approximately 2 years old according to neighbors. The second leading cause of death in the Philippines is water borne disease such as diarrhea according to the department of health. As of 2006 approximately 75% of households have access to sanitation according to the government but increase in sanitation and clean water access has been outpaced by the country's growth in population according to the government of the Philippines. The slums of Manila are one of the most densely populated areas in the world. And here the problem is financial on both a micro and macro level. Manila relies on the private sector for water and sanitation due to the governments inability to fully finance access. But regulatory authorities due not currently ensure focus on low income areas and the private sector wants to make a profit. Sarah Jones reported from the Philippines as an IRP fellow.