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IRP Fellow Chris Hondros receives 2005 Robert Capa award for photography

In 2005, the International Reporting Project (IRP) Fellow Chris Hondros was awarded the prestigious Robert Capa Gold Medal Award for his work in war photography. Hondros, who was a staff photographer for Getty Images, received the award for his powerful and moving images of the war in Iraq.

The Robert Capa Gold Medal Award is one of the most esteemed prizes in the field of photojournalism, named after the famous war photographer Robert Capa, who died while covering the First Indochina War. The award is given out annually by the Overseas Press Club of America to a photographer whose work demonstrates exceptional courage and enterprise in the field.

Hondros’ photographs from Iraq are a testament to his skill and bravery as a photojournalist. His images captured the harsh realities of war and the human toll it takes on those caught in the crossfire. He documented the lives of both soldiers and civilians, bringing a human face to the conflict and shedding light on the true cost of war.

Tragically, Hondros was killed in 2011 while covering the conflict in Libya. But his legacy as a photojournalist lives on, and his contributions to the field of international reporting have been widely recognized. The Robert Capa Gold Medal Award was just one of the many accolades Hondros received during his career, and it is a testament to his talent and commitment to telling important stories through his photography.

In conclusion, the 2005 Robert Capa Gold Medal Award that IRP Fellow Chris Hondros received is a testament to his extraordinary work as a photojournalist, capturing the human cost of war through his powerful and moving images. His legacy as a talented and courageous photojournalist lives on, and his contributions to the field of international reporting will continue to inspire generations of journalists and photographers to come.

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Rebecca Schneider
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