Zambia 2013

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  • Building Labs in Shipping Containers

    In Zambia, I visited Barry Kosloff from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine who is the lab manager on the ZAMBART project in Lusaka. He’s been working on developing high containment labs which are housed in shipping containers, which are perfect for doing lab studies and

  • An Integrated Approach to HIV/AIDS and Family Planning Services

    An integrated approach to healthcare no matter the setting is a more effective and rights-based approach to healthier outcomes. When family planning services are available at HIV/AIDS clinics, Population Action International (PAI) believes patients will receive better care, health workers will be more efficient, and dollars will

  • Tackling Cancer With a Dab of Vinegar

    In a sun-starched village slouched on the edge of Zambia’s capital, 15 women lined up at a free health clinic to see a woman they adoringly call “the lady healer.” Like many in this southern African country of staggering inequalities, mangled by crumbling infrastructure and a health-care

  • Dispatches from the Zambian AIDS Epidemic

    {image-1} This July, World Pulse Managing Editor Corine Milano traveled to Zambia as an International Reporting Project Fellow to cover health issues from the epicenter of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. With one of the highest HIV infection rates in the world—14.3% of the adult population—the Zambian people

  • Saving Mothers at Birth

    {image-1} While maternal mortality has been halved since 1990, low and middle income countries still have a long way to go in order to see improved maternal mortality numbers. Sub-Saharan Africa still ranks highest in maternal mortality. For example, some of the highest maternal death rates are seen in Chad, with 1


  • Focusing on Cervical Cancer on World Cancer Day

    {image-1} Today is World Cancer Day, a day to talk about and discuss cancer and the myths surrounding the global disease. On World Cancer Day we are focusing our efforts on cervical cancer and its effects on women in poor countries. Last year I met a cervical cancer nurse,
  • New Needle-Free Malaria Test Could Be a Game Changer

    One of the most effective advancements in malaria testing has been the rapid diagnostic test. Easy to use and inexpensive it cut the wait time for diagnostics drastically and has made testing and treatment easier for frontline health workers around the world particularly in sub-Saharan Africa where the prevalence of
  • On the Zambezi River

    {image-1} {image-2} There is beauty all around us. We just need to take a moment to see it. - Anonymous On the Zambezi River | Livingstone, Zambia This post originally appeared at Jennifer James on Tumblr.
  • Five Things I Love About Zambia

    As you can probably tell if you’ve read any of my other posts about my Zambia trip, I had an absolutely amazing time in the country. There are many reasons why I loved it so much, but here are my top five: {image-1} I love the people
  • Trying Zambia’s Local Beer and Food

    I need to start a tab for beer on this blog. I really do. It’s my favorite thing to drink when I travel to other countries because there is always a new, local beer you can try no matter where you are. Otherwise, every drink is exactly the


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