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Zambia 2013

In this report, we will discuss the safeguard assessments conducted by the Bank of Zambia (BoZ) in June 2004, January 2009, and October 2010. According to the 2009 assessment, the BoZ had adequate safeguards in place in various areas. However, the report also identified certain vulnerabilities in the BoZ’s legal framework and financial reporting. The 2010 update report acknowledged that the BoZ had made progress in implementing the recommendations provided in the previous assessment. Furthermore, the IMF staff noted improvements in the internal audit and internal control mechanisms. Nonetheless, the weak statutory independence of the BoZ still poses a significant safeguard concern.

In addition, Zambia is still upholding an exchange restriction, which requires IMF approval under Article VIII. The government has imposed limitations on accessing foreign exchange for payments and transfers for current international transactions.

To conclude, the safeguard assessments conducted by the BoZ show that improvements have been made in implementing the recommended measures. However, there are still areas of concern, such as weak statutory independence and exchange restrictions imposed by the government. These concerns require continued attention and monitoring to ensure the stability and soundness of Zambia’s financial system.

Rebecca Schneider
Rebecca Schneider
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