Zambia 2013

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  • The Road Not Traveled

    {image-1} Last summer, when 8-year-old Enock Mwale showed surgeon Goran Jovic his scars from a fire that mutilated his left hand, it was the first time he had ever seen a doctor. The problem, however, was not just the child's immobile hand, his fingers scarred together in a near

  • Church-State Partnerships Aid Malaria Fight in Rural Africa

    When Silumesii Mubiana’s 86-year-old uncle fell ill with hypertension, Mubiana bypassed closer government-run hospitals, traveling instead to the church-run Macha Mission Hospital 25 miles away. {image-1} Mubiana said the reason was simple: At the Macha hospital, patients receive better care. “There’s negligence in government hospitals,”

  • Inside a Malaria Treatment Center

    I have been told enough harrowing personal stories and have read enough reports to understand contracting malaria isn’t a cakewalk. And for children (especially those under the age of five) and expectant mothers malaria can be deadly. Fortunately with rapid diagnosis and malaria treatments children as well as

  • Family Planning Kits from Ethiopia, Zambia, South Africa

    I have been fortunate to visit health posts and family planning clinics in a handful of countries. One of the things I always ask to see while visiting are family planning kits used for educational purposes for clients. Some of the kits have been fancy, others have been fairly rudimentary,

  • AIDS Prevention: Africa’s Circumcision Challenge

    Marvin is 22 years old, single and — like many men of his age — thinking about girlfriends. But for the next six weeks, he will have to give his love life a rest. On this sunny morning in the Zambian capital, Lusaka, Marvin is waiting to get circumcised. Along with


  • Focusing on Cervical Cancer on World Cancer Day

    {image-1} Today is World Cancer Day, a day to talk about and discuss cancer and the myths surrounding the global disease. On World Cancer Day we are focusing our efforts on cervical cancer and its effects on women in poor countries. Last year I met a cervical cancer nurse,
  • Trying Zambia’s Local Beer and Food

    I need to start a tab for beer on this blog. I really do. It’s my favorite thing to drink when I travel to other countries because there is always a new, local beer you can try no matter where you are. Otherwise, every drink is exactly the
  • Sunset Over the Zambezi

    {image-1} The last few days of the trip have been spent off the grid, visiting some of the more remote parts of the country including the incredible Macha Research Trust, where some of the most cutting edge research into malaria (in particular), HIV and TB are carried out. I&rsquo
  • So You Want to Work in Global Health?

    {image-1} With advances in healthcare and modern medicine, its often the poorest and most hard to reach people who get left behind. Careers in global health can take you on incredible adventures, and can be an rewarding way to use your science to make a difference to some of the
  • Cosafa Cup Celebrations

    {image-1} Last night, Zambians the country over were celebrating their 2-0 victory over Zimbabwe in the Cosafa Cup final. Loads of the kids were in face paint, like Marjorie who was at the boat club with her family to watch the game. Catherine de Lange is traveling to Zambia in 2013


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