Tanzania 2013

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  • Strung Out in Tanzania

    This AJ+ short documentary follows Stamil Hamadi, an addict and sex worker who has cycled in and out of treatment since 2012. She hopes to kick the habit for good, but every day is a struggle. Every morning, hundreds of Tanzanians make their daily sojourn to a breezy open-air methadone clinic

  • Radio y móvil, armas campesinas

    Hace siete años en su casa de Nambala, un pueblo chiquito al norte de Tanzania, Mariam Ally, 50 años, rostro redondo y lozano, labios como gajos de naranja, pensó que se moría. Su marido acababa de fallecer de sida y ella enfermó del

  • Childhood Stunting Slows Public Health Progress in Tanzania

    Yasin Issa thinks he is too small for his age. The 13-year-old boy stands less than four feet tall. He wears a thick brown canvas jacket around his petite body and plays with his friends on one of the many hilltops in his neighborhood nestled on the slopes of the

  • Farming While Pregnant in Tanzania

    Across Tanzania's multicultural landscape of an estimated 47 million people and more than one hundred ethnic groups, women, wives in particular, play major roles in sustaining family livelihoods. With more than 75 percent of the population living in rural areas, farming comprises up to 75 percent of Tanzania's workforce and farming

  • Homeless in Tanzania

    Sixteen-year-old Lenard Baraka grips the air above his head. He is miming how, four years ago, he slipped under a car, grabbed onto the chassis and held on, upside down. He doesn’t remember how long the trip took, but it was ‘very far’. This was how


  • The Face of Neglected Tropical Disease

    When we think about diseases in Africa we think about the biggest of them – malaria, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and pneumonia. We forget about the neglected tropical diseases that debilitate so many in sub-Saharan Africa and southeast Asia from intestinal worms to elephantiasis. These diseases are real and they are
  • Why I Am Excited to Be In Tanzania

    {image-1} I am writing this post sitting in my hotel room in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Right outside my patio window in the near distance is a beautiful, blue bay with connecting waters to the Indian Ocean. Dar es Salaam is the first coastal city I’ve visited in
  • Tanzania’s Booty Dance

    I don’t like to call it that, “a booty” dance, but it got your attention. I’m presently in Tanzania as part of a reporting fellowship and I was talking to our fixer, a really interesting freelance journalist called Erick Kabendera, about
  • Visit to KINU

    {image-1} As part of our visits with the International Reporting Project, this afternoon we went to Kinu, an innovation tech space for Tanzanian start-ups in Dar Es Salaam. When we arrived, there was an animation training (here pictured) going on. A lot more people than I expected. A few


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