Senegal 2017

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  • In push to end FGM, local women offer influential message

    It was the biggest party Aminata Mané had ever been to, a riot of colorful dresses and exuberant dancing. There were enough fluffy piles of rice and roasted sheep’s meat for the entire village to eat until their stomachs hurt – and it was all to celebrate

  • IRP Group Trip to Senegal

    The International Reporting Project (IRP) hosted a group reporting trip focusing on gender, human rights and civil society issues in Senegal in November 2017. {image-1} About Senegal Senegal, one of Africa’s most prosperous and democratic countries, has enjoyed an economic boom since the late 1990s, primarily reliant on


  • The Search for the Sacred Woods

    Senegal’s southern Casamance region is one torn by a decades-long conflict. Separated from the rest of the country by the Gambia, residents of the southern Senegalese community often felt economically and politically marginalized. It is this feeling of abandonment that prompted the rise of the separatist Movement of
  • The Gambia and Zimbabwe: a tale of two kleptos

    This post was first published as a syndicated column via IOL and Independent Media. In the central lobby of the Banjul International Airport, a painting of Yahya Jammeh, the former president of The Gambia, adorns the ceiling. Jammeh, in his characteristic white, free-flowing kaftan, is shown with his arms wide


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