Rwanda 2011

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  • Up Close With Amazing Gorillas in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park

    It's early morning in the mountains of northwestern Rwanda. There's cool mist and anticipation in the air. Time to go gorilla trekking. Nearly 500 live in the mountains straddling Rwanda, Uganda and Congo, 25 percent closely watched by the nearby Karisoke Research Center, a legacy of the late Dian Fossey.

  • The Ghosts of the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda’s Churches

    Rwanda has come remarkably far since the genocide of 1994, but reminders still haunt its landscape. Ed Robbins, a freelance videojournalist for TIME and IRP, reported from Rwanda on an IRP Gatekeeper Editors trip.

  • How to Greet a Mountain Gorilla

    Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park is home to more than 480 critically endangered mountain gorillas. As part of an effort by the Rwanda Tourist Board to combine tourism and conservation, the park now offers gorilla tours. For around $500, visitors can spend an hour up close and personal with a clan

  • Rwandans Fight Poverty While Others Fight Over the Numbers

    Many miles south of ‘Hotel Rwanda’ in Kigali is the site of one of the worst massacres of the 1994 Rwandan genocide where the majority Hutu ethnic group sought to eliminate their rivals, the Tutsis. As one local, Donald Ndahiro, told me during my visit here to the Bugasera

  • Growling With the Gorillas: A Rwanda Mountain Trek

    It's not easy shaking a bad reputation. Take the gorilla, for example: It's been saddled with a sketchy rep for as long as anyone can remember. Something along the lines of big, hairy, ferocious and superhuman in strength. A bit daunting, perhaps. And yet folks who work with


  • Rwanda: From Nightmare Past to Hopeful Future

    “Forgive but don’t forget,” were a last few words from President Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda. My colleagues from the International Reporting Project (IRP) and I met with President Kagame toward the end of our two-week visit to the small African country. In two hours (I don’t remember
  • KivuWatt: Powering Rwanda and Averting Disaster

    One of the more vivid memories of my childhood was hearing about the 1985 disaster at Lake Nyos in Cameroon. In case you forgot, Lake Nyos was naturally super-saturated with dissolved carbon dioxide and other gasses. When disturbed by an earthquake, the lake literally “fizzed” out millions of tons of CO2
  • Remaking a Sustainable Rwanda: Photo Essay

    I’ve collected some of the most interesting moments in my recent trip to Rwanda in a photo essay. Some of these 68 photos are simply atmospheric ways to give you a glimpse of the country, some are stories unto themselves. Some are connected to things I’ve recently written or
  • 10 Reasons Why Rwanda Can’t Be Described in a Sound-Bite

    I’ve just returned from a whirlwind fact-finding tour of Rwanda with the International Reporting Project. I can now report with great confidence that these Rwandan school children are enjoying themselves: Beyond that, I have to admit I am still trying to process the experience. Rwanda is a tough country
  • Scenes From Rwanda

    I’m leaving Rwanda today, heading home as you read this, but I will be posting more about my trip next week. I will take a closer look at a number of projects (including some run out of Seattle) that are helping to make this once devastated nation what many


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