Mozambique 2014

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  • Getting Vaccines Where Kids Need Them Most

    Vaccines ensure kids like these cheeky young boys can be healthy and thrive beyond their fifth birthdays. {image-1} Vaccines in Mozambique are manufactured overseas and shipped to a national warehouse for distribution around the country in giant coolers. {image-2} Extensive testing of vaccines and the diseases they prevent is done

  • Mozambique Loosens Anti-Abortion Laws

    To abort an unwanted pregnancy, some women drink bleach or home-brewed mixtures made with livestock manure. Others insert a twig or chicken bone into their uterus or rub their vagina with herbal elixirs to induce early childbirth. Or they jump from a high place. When abortions are illegal, they

  • Giant Rats Are Helping Doctors in Mozambique Sniff Out Tuberculosis

    Ezequiel Maconha-Otenesse had night sweats, pain in his chest, and discharge spewing from his lungs when he coughed. A local hospital in Mozambique tested the 26-year-old repeatedly for tuberculosis (TB), but it took more than five months to reach a diagnosis. "I felt weak all the time," Maconha-Otenesse told VICE

  • Illegale Abtreibungen in Afrika: Das Sterben im Hinterzimmer

    Manche Frauen schlucken Bleichmittel oder selbstgebraute Getränke. Andere führen spitze Gegenstände wie Ästchen oder Hühnerknochen in die Gebärmutter ein; sie behandeln die Vagina mit Kräutermitteln, um eine Geburt zu provozieren oder springen von Treppen oder Dä

  • Mozambique: A Step to a Landmine-Free World

    A single step can change a life forever. Lazaro Virniz Rice was a soldier on patrol with the Mozambican army when he walked into a field next to the road. He stepped on a landmine, causing an explosion that blew off his left foot. {image-1} A de-mining team works in


  • Off to Mozambique

    Winter is coming and I’m flying south. Over the next two weeks I will report from Mozambique on health care issues such as childhood vaccinations with the International Reporting Project. The project takes journalists to parts of the world that are underrepresented in the
  • Signs of the Times

    Take a walk to the American Cultural Center in Maputo and you’ll find yourself on the corner of avenues Mao Tse Tung and Kim Il Sung. Many of the major streets are named for communist heroes, as Mozambique had a brief fling with Communism after independence from the
  • Pumping adventures on the way to Mozambique

    Remember the International Reporting Project (IRP) fellowship I said I had received to travel to Mozambique and report on child health and immunizations? Well, I’ve been here just under two days and have had the pleasure of meeting all the other awesome colleagues I


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