Mozambique 2014

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  • Getting Vaccines Where Kids Need Them Most

    Vaccines ensure kids like these cheeky young boys can be healthy and thrive beyond their fifth birthdays. {image-1} Vaccines in Mozambique are manufactured overseas and shipped to a national warehouse for distribution around the country in giant coolers. {image-2} Extensive testing of vaccines and the diseases they prevent is done

  • Mozambique Loosens Anti-Abortion Laws

    To abort an unwanted pregnancy, some women drink bleach or home-brewed mixtures made with livestock manure. Others insert a twig or chicken bone into their uterus or rub their vagina with herbal elixirs to induce early childbirth. Or they jump from a high place. When abortions are illegal, they

  • Illegale Abtreibungen in Afrika: Das Sterben im Hinterzimmer

    Manche Frauen schlucken Bleichmittel oder selbstgebraute Getränke. Andere führen spitze Gegenstände wie Ästchen oder Hühnerknochen in die Gebärmutter ein; sie behandeln die Vagina mit Kräutermitteln, um eine Geburt zu provozieren oder springen von Treppen oder Dä

  • Mozambique: A Step to a Landmine-Free World

    A single step can change a life forever. Lazaro Virniz Rice was a soldier on patrol with the Mozambican army when he walked into a field next to the road. He stepped on a landmine, causing an explosion that blew off his left foot. {image-1} A de-mining team works in

  • Few Jobs Despite Booming Mozambique Economy

    {image-1} Women sell charcoal at a market - one of hundreds ringing the Mozambican capital, Maputo. Photo: Getty Images Beto Magumane Cossa was orphaned at 14 when his father was killed by a woman with whom he was having an affair. Alone and with no other family living in Magude, a


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