Kenya 2012

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  • Ser o no ser positivo

    John Ongare ni se inmuta. Él, con 60 años, y su esposa Jane Adanambo, de 49, van a ser evaluados por los monitores del CDC (Centers of Disease Control and Prevention), importante y bien dotada organización estadounidense, que tiene su cuartel general en Kisumu, la tercera ciudad

  • Murder Incorporated

    It was not until weeks after that I realized I had lost a former colleague in the Dana Air crash of June 3. It was sad enough that scores of innocent Nigerians from all walks of life died in such a gruesome circumstance. It was even sadder with the realization that

  • Africa’s Abortion-Rights Breakthrough

    We weren’t officially there to talk about abortion, but I asked the four Kenyan women in a Laikipia health clinic anyway. Did any of them have friends who had died of illegal abortions? Three out of the four said they did. {image-1} What, if anything, did they think

  • Mark Thoma Reports From Kenya

    Where in the world were you? Nairobi, Kisumu, and Ol Pejeta, Kenya, from June 17-26. {image-1} What work were you doing there? I was with the International Reporting Project. It’s a group of international journalists and bloggers invited to Kenya to learn and report about women’s

  • Women’s Health and How Needs Are Being Met

    Julia Manning travelled to Kenya in June with the International Reporting Project from Johns Hopkins funded by the Gates Foundation. The aim was to look at aspects of women's health and how needs are being met. The abject poverty of the millions living in rural and city slums was


  • Political Centralization in Africa

     "Maybe Africa needs a different theory of political centralization": From "Roots of Political Centralization in Africa" by Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson: "Seen from a wider perspective, the development of the strong central state we described in our previous post in Rwanda is anomalous in African history. Though
  • Elephant Underpass

    Elephant populations are becoming increasingly fragmented: From "Road to Recovery?" in National Geographic: "An African elephant approaches an underpass beneath the busy Nanyuki-Meru road in northern Kenya... "The first of its kind for elephants, the underpass will ideally provide a safe corridor for the large mammals to move throughout the
  • La perca del Nilo y otras invasiones

    La ciuda de Kisumu, en Kenia, apenas besa una esquina del lago Victoria, lo bastante como para coger un barquito en Kiboko Bay y perderse en sus aguas repletas de historias donde se sigue viviendo y pescando de modo artesanal. Es hermoso. Desde abajo y desde arriba, cuando
  • The Pumwani Maternity Ward

    {image-1} Today we visited a maternity ward in a poor area of Nairobi to get a sense of the scale of the population explosion in Kenya, and the level of care for this population. The charge for maternity care at this hospital is 3,000 shillings for a normal birth, and 6,000 shillings
  • Africa Progress Report

    A progress report on jobs, justice, and equity for Africa: "The Africa Progress Panel Report — Jobs, Justice and Equity for Africa" by Kevin Watkins, Brookings: "In the bullish environment at last week’s World Economic Forum (WEF) on Africa in Addis Ababa, the launch of the Africa Progress


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