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  • Indian Baby Showers Add Iron-Rich Nutritional Gift

    {image-1} Indian women gather for godh bharai, a baby shower. Photo: Leon Kaye / International Reporting Project Three young women here hold court in the middle of the room, bedecked in their finest jewelry: necklaces, earrings, bangles. They haven't been this dressed up since their weddings. Lavish gold and

  • In India, Daughters-in-Law Encouraged to Speak Up

    Shenaz Hamid Khan lives in a small one-bedroom apartment--about 300 square feet--in Govandi, an overcrowded government resettlement slum on the outskirts of Mumbai, with 15 other people from her husband's family. Her household includes her husband's parents, their four other sons; three sons' wives and seven grandchildren. To sleep at

  • Child Survival in India

    Lindsey Mastis reported from India on a new media journalism trip with the International Reporting Project (IRP).

  • Social Enterprise in Indian Slums

    Slums in India have grabbed the attention of activists, journalists and humanitarians for decades. And as urbanisation in India surges, living conditions in these poor areas within megacities have become increasingly dire. New slums have emerged on the outer rings of older ones, resulting in situations like the one in

  • Technology as a Tool to Engage Employees and Save Lives in India

    {image-1} India has made impressive strides in reducing its child mortality rate in the last four decades. Much work remains to be done, however, as India still loses too many children to diseases that can be easily prevented. Of the 26 million Indian children born annually, 1.83 million die before they reach


  • “Godh Bharai” – Baby Showers as Training for Pregnant Women in India

    On Monday I visited Holumbi Khurd, a colony outside of New Delhi, India. On the edge of India’s agricultural riches and in the shadows of a new industrial complex in North Delhi, many of Holumbi Khurd’s residents were relocated here from other urban slums slated
  • Mark Kaigwa Named Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Young Africa Entrepreneurs

    Mark Kaiga, a creative director, filmmaker, digital marketer and entrepreneur, has been named one of Forbes' 30 Under 30 Best Young African Entrepreneurs. Kaigwa is currently reporting on child survival in India on an IRP trip. Kaigwa comments, "It's truly an honor to be included in such a prestigious list alongside
  • Talk by Palagummi Sainath on Inequality in India

    Talk by renowned Indian journalist Palagummi Sainath about inequality and how it affects maternal and child survival issues in India. Part of the International Reporting Project (IRP) reporting trip to India. [View the story "Talk by Palagummi Sainath on inequality in India" on Storify] Jose Miguel Calatayud, a Spanish freelance
  • Rural Health in India

    [View the story "Rural Health in India" on Storify]   The International Reporting Project and ten innovative journalists and new media experts from around the world traveled to India in February 2013 for an intensive ten-day trip to explore issues of child survival.
  • How Biometric Innovation Is Helping TB Patients in India

    Screams from a large crowd, made up of hundreds of kids, ushered the IRP India group through Bhiwandi, a very poor settlement in Mumbai, India. The neighborhood, we learned, is home to thousands of migrants who are mostly workers in cloth-weaving factories that are located in the area. A common


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