India 2005

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  • Egypt: Time & Trouble: Part Three of Four

    LUXOR, Egypt – Nine years ago this November, a group of men dressed in black appeared outside Queen Hatshepsut's tomb near Luxor. It is a popular tourist site, one of the mandatory stops for visitors to the Valley of the Kings. The men produced automatic weapons and began shooting the

  • Sex Trade Reveals Ticking Time Bomb

    MUMBAI, India – She is 24 years old. Her husband died almost a year ago, and she lost her son, too. Desperate, unsure and disheartened, the young widow lives today in the crowded redlight district of this seaport town formerly known as Bombay, and still known as a place where a

  • One Little Boy’s Newspaper Story

    MUMBAI, India – Big boys don't cry. Especially a grown man who is a hardened journalist, having seen troubling images from dead bodies in the street to orphaned babies crying for Mama. Anybody's mama. Saw it in Africa. Saw it in Asia. Saw it in Alabama. Therefore, it was going

  • Old Guns Pay Heed To An Upstart Hombre

    NEW DELHI, India – Far from its home in the Siberian mountains of northern Russia, a majestic eagle opened wide its magnificent wingspread as it glided down onto a tree at the edge of an immaculate garden. “They migrate here during the winter,” my new friend from India

  • Bollywood Faces Cultural Slap

    MUMBAI, India – The arranged marriage is alive and well here. Don't laugh, because local officials and laypeople alike say it works. Or, perhaps more importantly, the eligible young men and women say it works. “We can always say no,” said one pretty young Hindu woman dressed in


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