Kenya 2009

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  • Kenya film Togetherness Supreme

    Photo courtesy of PRI's "The World" Kenyans went to the polls Wednesday to vote on a draft constitution. The new constitution was introduced in the wake of violence which followed the disputed elections in 2007. One of the flashpoints for the violence in 2007 was the massive shantytown of Kibera. Now a

  • HIV Testing, One Home At A Time

    Dante Ramos/International Reporting Project Health Counselor Florence Aluodo (far left) administered home HIV tests to this family in Kogelo,Kenya. Hello TMM readers. Today on World AIDS Day, the Kenyan government announced it's launching an intensive three-week drive to provide HIV tests in workplaces, at home, during the evening,

  • Video: ‘Voices of Kenya’s Youth’

    Kenya's youth face many challenges including poverty, hunger, lack of employment prospects and an overburdened--and underfunded--education system. Students at the University of Nairobi say their futures are determined by corrupt, cronyism politics rather than by professional merit. They say young people are becoming increasingly frustrated with the country's flailing education

  • Saving Kenya’s Lions

    The population of lions in the East African nation of Kenya is on the decline. Conservationists there have put forth a radical proposal. To save the lions, they say, the lions should be hunted. The World's Andrea Crossan explains.

  • IRP report on PBS’s “Worldfocus”: Prolonged d

    Water scarcity and land degradation continues to be a cause of concern for Sub-Saharan Africa. In this video the IRP's Shravan Vidyarthi and Christina MacGillivray explore the worst affected regions in Kenya. Watch Dan Rubenstein, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at Princeton University, discuss the causes of the drought


  • A Disease of the Poor

    By 10 am, the women are lined up at Siaya District Hospital, row after row, each one with a sick child nestled in her arms and a look of resolve on her face. Some of them have walked for hours to reach the hospital, but they all wait patiently for the
  • Sarah Obama and more…

    I'm back on... My apologies to those of you who have been logging on only to find that I have not logged on. Internet service has been up and down here. Around the area, you find men digging trenches where cables will eventually be laid to increase access to the
  • An Obama family reunion in the works?

    Miriam Pepper is in Kenya on a two-week fellowship with the International Reporting Project of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. She posts today from the family home of Barack Obama's father. View a slide of photos here. Mama Sarah Obama says the president's aunt, who received some
  • Kenya Today

    NAIROBI: The world's largest slum is here, Kibera, home to 1.2 million mostly young Kenyans, about one third of Nairobi's population. Today was a national holiday, marking the beginning of self-rule for this African nation in 1963. The president spoke, hecklers interrupted, and talk among University of Nairobi students focused on the
  • I’ve landed…

    Down to business The team of editors with the International Reporting Project leave from D.C. Dulles Airport Saturday and arrive in London about 7 a.m. Sunday, we then head to Kenya. The flight to London was about 6 hours; 8 hours to Kenya from London. The group of editors is a


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