Ethiopia 2014

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  • The Afterbirth Miracle

    It’s late June, but it’s chilly in Asella, Ethiopia—the city is higher in altitude than Denver—and the patients in the hospital are wrapped in blankets. Dr. Mulu Muleta puts on a white doctor’s jacket and starts making her rounds. She

  • WaterAid: Providing Safe Water and Sanitation in Ethiopia

    Water is essential to life. Without water, humans and our world would not survive. Yet, 11% of the world’s population –  783 million people –  do not have access to safe water. Although many people living in the western world including myself often take water, sanitation and hygiene

  • The Long Walk to Deliver

    On one of my last days in Ethiopia as a fellow with the International Reporting Project we visited Project Mercy, a not-for-profit relief and development agency that provides services to help alleviate human suffering and overcome systemic poverty in Southern Ethiopia. The visit ended up being

  • Ebola a ‘Shared’ African Problem, Yet Nations Look to Their Own Needs

    East African leaders today acknowledged that West Africa's Ebola outbreak is unprecedented in severity and scope, and too big for that region to handle by itself. Yet at a gathering in Kenya the main focus was on measures to keep the virus out of their nations.  “This

  • How Ethiopia Solved Its Abortion Problem

    Zebiba, 28, sits in her purple headscarf in the small clinic room, the cramping already beginning. She took the tablets early this morning. She is three months pregnant. {image-1} Zebiba waits for her abortion to be completed. By 2 p.m., her abortion should be complete. She will return to her two


  • Hello From Ethiopia

    {image-1} I’ve been in Ethiopia for some 24 hours now. It's my third trip to Africa in almost as many years, but my first time in this country. The air is muggy, familiar. And I can feel the hustle and bustle of a thriving Addis Ababa around me.
  • Journalists Travel to Ethiopia to Report on Newborn Health

    {image-1} It may seem a little quiet around, but for good reason. I am co-leading a group of journalists throughout Ethiopia who are reporting on newborn health with the International Reporting Project.  Putting together a robust itinerary for the journalists has been a capstone to all
  • Ethiopia Bound

    {image-1} I can hardly believe it is already here! Tomorrow I will be leaving well before the sun rises for my next adventure: Ethiopia. I will be one of nine new media journalists heading with The Johns Hopkins International Reporting Project to Ethiopia to report on newborn
  • ONE Moms Travel to Ethiopia to Report on Newborn Health

    Meet ONE Moms Elizabeth Atalay and Nicole Melancon – both world travelers, advocates, and social good digital journalists who met at a blogging conference several years ago. Although they live across the country from one another, they have frequently worked together on campaigns with ONE, World Moms Blog, and Mom
  • Traveling to Ethiopia With the International Reporting Project New Media Fellowship

    {image-1} “Eat only with your right hand, never with the left.” My friend advised, referring to the injera pancakes used in Ethiopian cuisine to scoop up food.  Her advice aimed to spare me the disapproving looks and awkward moment of a cultural lesson learned the hard way.


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