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  • Farming a warmer planet

    Fatima Ait Moussa paces in front of 13 women sitting on the floor of a rectangular room in this village in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains. She’s shy, avoiding most eye contact, but Ms. Moussa is an accomplished woman. She commands the room with a familial tone and

  • A Drive to Save Saharan Oases As Climate Change Takes a Toll

    The oasis of Dar Oumira, in southern Morocco, was once a lush palm grove before it became the sparse sand patch it is today, studded with just a few shrunken date palms. The surrounding desert is rapidly spreading between the trees, whose dense shade once sheltered fruit orchards and fields

  • Reporting on Climate Change from Marrakech: COP22 in Review

    Did you miss the event? You can find the full video here.   {image-1} Glendora Meikle, Susan Phillips, and Zack Colman {image-2} John Schidlovsky {image-3} Zack Colman {image-4} Susan Phillips

  • What Trump really means for global progress on climate change

    Maybe it just won’t be that bad. That was the refrain along the canopied walkway that runs through the makeshift tent village here at the United Nations climate conference. Yes, United States president-elect Donald Trump is threatening to pull the world’s second-largest emitter out of a

  • Pennsylvania academics find inspiration at climate conference

    The climate change conference in Morrocco ended over the weekend with an urgent message to president-elect Donald Trump – join the battle against global warming or risk contributing to catastrophe and moral failure. About 25,000 people attended the gathering aimed at keeping the earth from over-heating, and staving off the impacts



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