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Gregory Warner

Fellows Spring 2007
Freelance journalist, WHYY-FM, Philadelphia

Gregory Warner is a senior reporter at Marketplace, covering the economics of health care. Before joining Marketplace, Warner was a freelance reporter in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and East Africa, where he was known for producing intimate subject profiles and illuminating radio journeys, including an experiment taking his accordion in the Afghan city of Mazar-i-Sharif (on a path to the legend of the Afghan Elvis). His stories have aired on Radiolab, This American Life, and other shows, and his Marketplace profile of an artisanal miner in the Democratic Republic of Congo received a 2009 Best News Feature award from the Third Coast International Audio Festival. He's also received awards from Edward R. Murrow, Associated Press, Sigma Delta Chi, New York Festivals, and PRNDI. Warner was on staff at North Country Public Radio and returned to the North Country to teach multimedia economic journalism to rural teenagers for the CPB’s Public Media Innovation project. He lives in Philadelphia.


Post-IRP Stories


  • NATO on the Move in Southern Afghanistan

    Gregory Warner reports from Afghanistan. NATO forces have begun an offensive in southern Afghanistan, where Taliban fighters have mounted an increasingly troublesome insurgency. Gregory Warner of Johns Hopkins University's International Reporting Project...

  • Afghans Celebrate Music Festival, Amid Caution

    Hundreds of Afghan musicians and performers are gathered in the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif to mark an ancient New Year's celebration known as Nowruz. The country's largest cultural festival in decades is...

  • The Italian Lived; the Afghan Died

    The beheading of Afghan journalist Ajmal Naqshbandi Sunday afternoon may well be remembered as the first casualty in a new wave of violence against journalists in Afghanistan. Naqshbandi was the translator working...

  • Afghan Elvis

    The odd power of the cover band. So one day in Afghanistan, reporter Gregory Warner started playing "Those Were the Days My Friend" on his accordion. His translator, shocked, asks, "How do...

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