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Alex Ulmanu

Religion Fellows 2013

Alexandru-Brăduț Ulmanu is a Romanian freelance journalist, online videographer, and journalism trainer. He started his career in journalism in the early 1990s, and has been a pioneer of online journalism in Romania. Most recently he has produced online video for Premium News and the Adevarul daily newspaper in Bucharest, and has written stories for various Romanian and international publications, including Esquire Romania, EJC Magazine, Decat o Revista Online, and The Industry. He worked as a journalism teacher at the University of Bucharest, and he has trained journalists in Romania, Czech Republic, Belgium, US, Republic of Moldova and Armenia. His book "Cartea fețelor" ("The Face Book"), published in 2011, documents the most important changes brought about by social media in Romania and elsewhere on the Globe. As a journalist, Ulmanu is always interested in finding new storytelling techniques, hence his interest in DSLR video, podcasting and audio slideshows. Ulmanu lives in Bucharest with his wife, Monica, an award-winning infographics journalist, and their two children.


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