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Troy Turner

India 2005
Anniston (AL) Star

Troy Turner is an executive editor at the Anniston (AL) Star.


  • Sex Trade Reveals Ticking Time Bomb

    MUMBAI, India – She is 24 years old. Her husband died almost a year ago, and she lost her son, too. Desperate, unsure and disheartened, the young widow lives today in the crowded...

  • One Little Boy’s Newspaper Story

    MUMBAI, India – Big boys don't cry. Especially a grown man who is a hardened journalist, having seen troubling images from dead bodies in the street to orphaned babies crying for Mama....

  • Old Guns Pay Heed To An Upstart Hombre

    NEW DELHI, India – Far from its home in the Siberian mountains of northern Russia, a majestic eagle opened wide its magnificent wingspread as it glided down onto a tree at the...

  • Bollywood Faces Cultural Slap

    MUMBAI, India – The arranged marriage is alive and well here. Don't laugh, because local officials and laypeople alike say it works. Or, perhaps more importantly, the eligible young men and women...

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