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Toni Johnson

Peru 2009

Toni Johnson is a staff writer and editor at CFR.org, the website of the Council on Foreign Relations. She writes and edits on foreign policy issues, particularly on energy, environment, religion, and global health. While at CFR.org, she has written numerous articles on climate change policy, energy challenges, and the U.S. government. She also was the lead on the CFR’s multi-chapter, multimedia Crisis Guide on Climate Change. Most of her journalism career has been devoted to covering U.S. policy. She spent four years as a reporter for Congressional Quarterly where she covered a range of legislation, including bills for energy, environment, technology, and water and highway infrastructure. Prior to that, she worked at Washington’s Federal Paper where she covered the Education Department and small federal agencies. She received her undergraduate degree from Simon’s Rock College of Bard in arts and aesthetics and her Masters in international journalism from American University.


  • Peru’s Mineral Wealth and Woes

    Introduction LIMA, PERU -- The commodities boom of the last decade fueled growth, but it also poses social and environmental problems. Peru is emblematic of the economic promise and trials facing nations...

  • Deforestation in Peru’s Amazon

    Bruce Cabarle Peru's rainforest--which represents 20 percent of the Amazon--faces a number of environmental pressures, including deforestation and monitoring the trade of endangered species of wood. Although the 2007 annex to the U.S...

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