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Rena Singer

Fellows Fall 1998
Philadelphia Inquirer

At the time of her Fellowship, Rena Singer was a staff writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer. She went on to spend ten years as foreign correspondent in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, working for print, on-line, and broadcast outlets including the NHK, USA Today, and US News and World Report. In 2010, she left journalism to join the land rights organization Landesa. She served on the organization's senior leadership team and as Global Communications Director. After six years at Landesa, she left the organization to hang up her shingle as a communications consultant for mission-driven organizations. She now taps her writing, editing, and strategic communications skills to further important and innovative ideas through speeches, op-eds, articles, blogs, infographics, and videos for leading non-profit organizations.


  • Development is Eating into China’s Farms

    CUIGE, China, Fall 1998-- While the United States battles suburban sprawl with open-space plans and zoning boards, China has raised the possibility of a more powerful preservation tool -- capital punishment for...

  • China’s yellow river, now a trickle, poses new threat

    BEIJING, Fall 1998-- A decade-long drought, compounded by reckless industrialization and uncoordinated management, has devastated northern China and reduced one of the world's great rivers to a dwindling stream. The fearsome Yellow...

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