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Rebecca Sinderbrand

Fellows Fall 2005
Middle East

Rebecca Sinderbrand is a political producer for CNN’s Washington bureau. She has covered the past three presidential campaigns as a staffer for the network, Newsweek magazine and the Associated Press, reporting from 38 states and Washington, DC. She has also reported from the Middle East, including Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan and the West Bank; appeared on CNN, MSNBC, the BBC and other national and international networks; and written for the Los Angeles Times, Time, Slate, Salon, the New York Observer, the Columbia Journalism Review and other publications. She is a graduate of Georgetown University.


  • After Attacks, Jordan Faces its Vulnerability

    AMMAN, Jordan — At sunset yesterday, Salah M. Abu-Osbeh buried his cousin, and with him his sense of Jordan's immunity from the chaos next door in Iraq. The cousin was among 16 relatives...

  • The Cost of Freedom

    BEIRUT, Lebanon — Nabil Bou Monsef has a new daily commuting routine. As before, he leaves the house and gets into his car; but now, before he turns on his car radio,...

  • Jordan, the Day After

    AMMAN, Jordan — Any resident of Baghdad or Tel Aviv knows it well: the grim symphony of sound that signals a terrorist bombing. First comes the familiar kind of muffled boom, accompanied...

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