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Delphine Schrank

Fellows 2016
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Delphine Schrank is the recent author of the acclaimed The Rebel of Rangoon; A Tale of Defiance and Deliverance in Burma (Nation Books, 2015), a contributing editor to the Virginia Quarterly Review and a co-founding member of Deca Stories, a pioneering writers' cooperative for global longform journalism. A former reporter and editor at The Washington Post, her award-winning reporting from Africa, Asia, Europe and the US has likewise appeared in The Atlantic, Foreign Policy, the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, Time, Mother Jones and elsewhere.  She was The Washington Post's underground correspondent in Burma/Myanmar when it was still closed to journalists, and is thrilled to be a fellow again with the International Reporting Project, were she was a 2008 fellow in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She holds degrees from Oxford University and Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs.

Schrank was awarded a prior fellowship with IRP, reporting from the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2008.


  • Tin Fever

    In the first shafts of light to pierce the jungle canopy, the tin porters danced. They swayed and sashayed to the languorous rhythms coming from a radio that someone, in the night,...

  • Ecocide in the Congo

    War and environmental degradation share a long history. The Romans blighted the fields of Carthage with salt back in 146 BC. The flattened villages of Flanders...Agent Orange stripping the jungles of Vietnam.....

  • 68 Million Congolese Can’t Be Wrong

    Photo by: Delphine Schrank   Democratic Republic of Congo -- Trudging through the muddy, crammed alleyways of Katindo military base in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, it's hard to...

  • “As Go the Hippos” IRP Fellow’s story on Congo in the Atlantic Magazine

    Photo by: Delphine Schrank   On the blue-gray waters of Lake Edward, where the eastern fringe of Congo blends into Uganda, Byanmongo Matabishi, a fisherman from the Congolese village of Vitshumbi, stands...

  • Congo Crisis Escalates

      Delphine Schrank is a freelance writer who prior to her 2008 IRP Fellowship was a reporter for the Washington Post Delphine Schrank is a freelance journalist who just returned from five weeks...

  • A Makeshift Existence

    Delphine Schrank Anita Kakule and son seek refuge in Congo Rutshuru, Democratic Republic of Congo -- Even before fighting flared, Anita Kakule and her smallest son lived on a tattered straw mat...

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