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Daniel Sagalyn

Indonesia 2011
PBS NewsHour

Daniel Sagalyn is the deputy senior producer for foreign affairs and defense at “PBS NewsHour.” He is responsible for assisting in the overall management of the program’s foreign affairs and defense coverage. When filling in for the senior producer, Sagalyn attends the senior morning staff meetings and proposes how to cover the foreign affairs and defense stories that are in the news.  He works with the program’s correspondents, executive producers and others, and supervises reporters-producers to produce the news coverage. Sagalyn is the lead producer of studio discussion segments on Asia, Europe and on the military. He generates story ideas and produces videotape reports on military issues, as well as on other foreign and defense issues. Sagalyn began working at “The NewsHour” in May 1996 as a reporter, responsible for producing discussion segments on the Middle East, terrorism and intelligence issues in addition to Asia and defense. In 2003, he was promoted to deputy senior producer. Before joining “The NewsHour,” he was a producer (1987-1996) of America's Defense Monitor, a 30-minute weekly television series on defense and fo­re­ign po­licy issues broadcast nationally on PBS and cable television.  Sagalyn received a Masters Degree in International Affairs from Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs in 1987, specializing in international security policy. He received a BA from Boston University in 1984, majoring in History.

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