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Joe Rubin

Fellows Fall 2001
Freelance Video
Sri Lanka

Joe Rubin is a freelance video journalist and producer specializing in international journalism. He has produced and reported several documentaries for ABC´s Nightline and PBS´s Frontline World. His stories have ranged from a report on a student resistance movement in Serbia mounting a non-violent revolt against Slobodan Milosevic, to a look inside Cuba´s vintage car culture. In 2001, Joe was a IRP Fellow in International Journalism, producing a documentary on an intractable civil war in Sri Lanka that aired on PBS FRONTLINE/World. A passionate enthusiast of digital storytelling, Rubin has given guest lectures on video journalism at the University of California at Berkeley, the Palestinian territories and in Greece. In 2004 Joe was a Knight Fellow In International Journalism, teaching video journalism in El Salvador, Panama and Ecuador. A versatile reporter, Joe has also written for the New York Times, CMJ Music Magazine and Mother Jones (on-line). Rubin also reported several features for NPR from Latin America in the late 1990´s. Rubin lives in Oakland, California with his wife Sarah.


  • Sri Lanka: Living with terror

    The day after video journalist Joe Rubin landed in Sri Lanka, a suicide bomber attempted to kill the prime minister. The assassination attempt failed but six civilians were killed. Arriving at the...

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