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Siobhan Roth

Fellows Spring 2004
Legal Times

Siobhan Roth joined National Geographic magazine as an editor in 2004, soon after concluding the IRP fellowship. Prior to the fellowship, she was a reporter for Legal Times, where she focused on the criminal justice and civil liberties issues arising from the war on terror. She also wrote extensively on legal ethics and the business of law. Siobhan has worked as a researcher for "Fresh Air," at WHYY public radio in Philadelphia, and as a baker at a commercial muffin bakery. She has a bachelor's degree in ancient Greek from Dickinson College, and a master's degree in writing from Johns Hopkins University.


  • Letters from Ankara

    In Turkey these days, the national conversation revolves around one topic: European Union membership. Ankara’s bid to join the exclusive club drives everything from the way traffic tickets are processed...

  • Taking Over

    TURKEY -- I was just so tired. Halfway into a six-week reporting trip in southeastern Turkey and I was tired of wondering whether teenage boys would throw garbage at me again if...

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