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Candace Rondeaux

Fellows Fall 2004
St. Petersburg Times

Candace Rondeaux is a senior analyst based in Kabul, Afghanistan for the International Crisis Group, an international think tank focused on conflict resolution and prevention. Before joining ICG in 2009 she was the Islamabad/Kabul bureau chief for The Washington Post. She previously covered criminal justice issues in Maryland and Virginia for the Post where she was part of a team of Pulitzer Prize winning reporters, photograpers and editors who helped cover the Virginia Tech shootings in 2007. Prior to joining the Post in 2006, she was a staff writer in Florida for The St. Petersburg Times. She has reported extensively on capital punishment in Virginia, forensic DNA developments and wrongful convictions. Prior to moving to Washington, D.C. she was based in New York City where she worked for The New York Observer and interned for the New York Daily News investigative team. Rondeaux earned a B. A. in Russian Area Studies from Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York in 1996, spending her final year in Russia where she studied literature at St. Petersburg State University. She worked in book publishing for four years before earning an M.A in journalism from New York University and graduating with honors in 2002. Her writing has also appeared in The Village Voice, Vibe, The Russia Journal and The National Catholic Reporter.


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