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David Rocks

Uganda 2008

David Rocks is a senior editor at BusinessWeek.


  • Cheap AIDS Drugs Bring Uganda Hope

    Once a month, Jane Nandawula walks seven miles from her home to an AIDS clinic in Kasasa, a ramshackle collection of storefronts and huts clinging to a roadside in southwestern Uganda. There,...

  • Chinese Counterfeiters Thrive in Africa

    A few years ago, consumer products giant Sara Lee (SLE) started seeing knockoffs of its biggest seller in Africa, Kiwi shoe polish. The company fought back by updating the Kiwi label, but...

  • Uganda’s Stock Exchange Grows Up

    If you're looking for a place to invest that hasn't been affected by the global credit crunch, there's always the Uganda Securities Exchange. Sure, the East African country isn't without its risks,...

  • India Plays Catch-Up in Africa

    As Chinese companies have snapped up oil and mineral rights across Africa in recent years, India has been slower on the uptake. Last year, China's two-way trade of $55 billion with Africa was...

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