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Rebecca Roberts

Nigeria 2007
Journal-Star (Lincoln, NE)

Rebecca Roberts is nation/world editor at the Journal-Star (Lincoln, NE).


  • Vote may affect gas prices

    Violence and corruption in Nigeria’s presidential elections could pose a very real threat to local pocketbooks — in the form of higher gas prices. With so much focus on oil...

  • Nigerians in Lincoln hope vote takes place

    With nearly 6,500 miles separating them from their homeland, Nigerians living in Lincoln still keep a watchful eye on their home country. That’s especially true in the weeks before Nigeria elects...

  • Democracy’s Chance: Nigeria

    LAGOS, Nigeria — We step gingerly out of the speedboats onto the white sand beach of Tomaro, taking care not to dip even a toe into the green lagoon that snakes between...

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