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Eric Ringham

Egypt 2006
Star Tribune, Minneapolis

Eric Ringham is a commentary editor at Minnesota Public Radio.


  • Egypt: Time & Trouble: Part Four of Four

    CAIRO, Egypt – They oppose our efforts in Iraq, they question our belligerrence toward Iran, they resent our relationship with Israel, they hate our interference in their affairs - and, in the...

  • Egypt: Time & Trouble: Part Three of Four

    LUXOR, Egypt – Nine years ago this November, a group of men dressed in black appeared outside Queen Hatshepsut's tomb near Luxor. It is a popular tourist site, one of the mandatory...

  • Egypt: Time & Trouble: Part Two of Four

    CAIRO, Egypt – A battle is underway for control of the world's most populous Arab country. It pits three forces against each other. One appears to be winning. The three forces are...

  • Egypt: Time & Trouble: Part One of Four

    CAIRO, Egypt – The ancient pharaohs paid in blood and treasure for eternal life, but even they left office eventually. Sooner or later, Hosni Mubarak will join them. No pyramid waits for...

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