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Rana Foroohar

China 2010

Rana Foroohar is deputy editor at Newsweek. She is in charge of all international business and economics coverage for the magazine, and also is a biweekly columnist writing on global economic affairs. Previously she was a senior editor at the magazine, editing a weekly section of breaking news stories, features and guest pieces, as well as writing and supervising Newsweek’s daily “Wealth of Nations” blog. From 2001 to 2006 she was Newsweek’s European economic correspondent, based in London, where she wrote and reported weekly on European and transatlantic business and technology. She began her career with Newsweek in 1997 as a general editor in New York, working on stories on international business, politics, arts and culture. She has also worked as a senior editor for Working Woman, a reporter for Forbes and as a New York-based freelancer. She received a BA in English Literature from Columbia University’s Barnard College.


  • China’s Hobson’s Choice

    Photo: Louise Lief Dianchi Lake Dianchi Lake, in the southwestern Chinese city of Kunming, used to be one of the Middle Kingdom's worst environmental disaster zones. Years of industrialization and high-intensity farming,...

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