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Lisandra Paraguassu

Nepal 2015
O Estado de S. Paulo
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Lisandra Paraguassu is a reporter with O Estado de S. Paulo, one of the largest newspapers in Brazil. In the last 10 years, she has covered social issues such as the development of cash transfer program in Brazil, the largest in the world; the human rights; and the wave of protests in 2014. Since 2010, she has been responsible for following foreign affairs and international news in the Brasilia bureau of O Estado de S. Paulo. She recently covered the political crisis in Venezuela and the elections in Paraguay. Paraguassu has reported from North Korea, China, Haiti, Cuba and most south American countries. She graduated in journalism from Brazil's PUC-RS in 1993. She was a fellow with the Freedom Forum-Garnett International Program at The University of Texas and a freelance correspondent in Washington for Zero Hora newspaper, a regional daily in Brazil. She has also worked for O Globo and Folha de S. Paulo, the other two main daily newspapers in the country.


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