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Jamila Paksima

Fellows Fall 2001
Freelance Video
South Africa

Jamila Paksima is an independent television documentary producer and journalist based in Pennsylvania. Paksima has worked as a video journalist reporting from Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. The most recent documentaries and segments she has produced appeared on PBS NOW with Bill Moyers, PBS Life 360, MSNBC “The Day That Changed America” and “Witness To The Execution” and The Discovery Channel's “Warnings From a Small Town,” part of the “Hate and Violence in America” series. Prior to her freelance career, she worked at NBC News for 11 years producing documentaries for NBC News Specials in addition to producing and associate producing segments for Dateline NBC and "First Person with Maria Shriver." She has a B.A. in Television and Radio Journalism from Ithaca College. Paksima is a recipient of the CINE 2003 Golden Eagle Award for her film on child rape and AIDS in South Africa.


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