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Dave Newbart

Fellows Fall 1999
Chicago Sun Times

Dave Newbart is a senior editor at DNAinfo.com/Chicago. He previously worked as a reporter and editor at the Chicago Sun-Times. He graduated from the University of Missouri with a Masters degree in Journalism and spent the next three months editing a four-language daily covering the Olympic Games in Barcelona. After working as a staff writer for the New Times in Phoenix, he joined The Capital Times in Madison, where he investigated special-interest influence on the state legislature. He also traveled to Vietnam for a series on that country's development. He spent a year with the Chicago Tribune in a reporter-in-residency program. He obtained an undergraduate degree in political science from Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois.


  • 30-Year Fight Leaves Little Hope in U.S.

    BEIJING Fall 1999-- Nearly three years after American scientists began researching ways to fight the Asian long-horned beetle, they have few clues on how to control the scourge that has ravaged thousands...

  • Bugs’ Infestation is Much Worse Than in Chicago

    BEIJING -- Fall 1999 In rural areas across northern China, the pest is known as "the forest fire without smoke." In many of this capital city's parks, it's as common as groups of...

  • China’s Crane Experiment

    CAOHAI-- Atop a hill overlooking a vast wetland in southwestern China, Li Zhong­chang and Guan Yuhe joke like old friends as rare black­necked cranes feed alongside farmers tilling...

  • From China with Love: Kids Join New Families

    WUHAN, China, Fall 1999-- Pointing to longtime Chicagoan Lynn Pautler, a Chinese woman tells tiny Meng Lei, "This . . . is . . . Mother. This . . . is . . . Mama." She pauses, and then repeats in a thick Mandarin...

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