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Sonia Narang

Fellows 2014
PRI's "The World"
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Sonia Narang is a multimedia journalist who covers global health, education, culture, and politics. She primarily focuses her reporting on the lives of women and girls, and the challenges they face around the world. Her journalism work has taken her across India, Pakistan, Nepal, Japan, and the US. This year, she launched a maternal health series about pregnancy for the Public Radio International program “The World,” a co-production of the BBC. Narang’s multimedia stories have aired on the BBC, PRI's The World, The New York Times, GlobalPost, PBS NewsHour, Frontline/World, and Time.com. She draws upon her documentary film background to create character-driven video portraits that reveal significant human rights and cultural issues. Narang studied journalism and documentary filmmaking at the University of California at Berkeley, where she earned her Master’s degree. Her radio and video stories are online at sonianarang.com. Narang also posts her photography work from around the world @sonianarang on Instagram and Twitter.


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