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Jess McCabe

Tanzania 2013
The F Word
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Jess McCabe is a journalist who spends her time writing about social justice issues, feminism, affordable housing and sustainability. You can find her writing for UK feminist magazine The F-Word, which she edited for six years. She is also deputy features editor of social housing magazine Inside Housing and editor of the magazine’s green sister magazine Sustainable Housing.


  • Homeless in Tanzania

    Sixteen-year-old Lenard Baraka grips the air above his head. He is miming how, four years ago, he slipped under a car, grabbed onto the chassis and held on, upside down. He doesn...

  • Tanzanian Women See Second Chance at Land Owning

    Rozalia Msaudzi, 68, quietly explains what her life is like in her small village, near Iringa, in the southern highlands of Tanzania. She maintains a collected expression as she relates the hardship of...

  • Meet Abraham, a Hero Rat

    This morning I met Abraham: {image-1} He has just detected an anti-tank mine. As soon as he sniffs TNT, one of his trainers sets off a clicker. When the rat hears the...

  • If Technology Is the Answer, Where Are the Women?

    At the junction of two of the biggest roads in Dar es Salaam, up a flight of stairs, in a white room with white tiles and white curtains, you can find ...

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