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Bruce Lowry

Brazil 2001
Anniston Star

Bruce Lowry is a commentary editor at the Anniston Star.


  • Rio’s de Janeiro’s teeming favelas are a world apart

    RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil -- The proud, old-world face of the street vendor strains under a wan smile as he cooks corn-on-the-cob over a makeshift iron stove. From time to time, he...

  • Tracking the Confederates of Brazil

    Sao Paulo, Brazil -- Bob Sharp is thoroughly Brazilian, though he could pass easily for your ordinary, American Southerner. For starters, there's the name. Nothing particularly Brazilian about that. (And we'll come...

  • One Night in the Amazon

    Amazonia Our trip begins on a damp and humid Saturday afternoon. Four 4-wheel drive vehicles arrive at our hotel in Manaus in northern Brazil to transport our party - the 15 of us ...

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