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Darryl Levings

Egypt 2006
Kansas City Star

Darryl Levings is national editor at the Kansas City Star.


  • TRAVEL TO EGYPT | Editors compare notes

    Lines of riot police at demonstrations are evidence of the Egyptian government’s approach to efforts to promote more democracy. DARRYL LEVINGS: So, Miriam, in your travels along the Pharaohs’...

  • Middle East’s paradoxes on display in Cairo

    CAIRO, Egypt – Today is an exciting, scary and frustrating time under the 25-year-old regime of President Hosni Mubarak. Pushed by President Bush to help foster Middle East democracy, Mubarak gave his...

  • In Egypt, stability tops democracy

    CAIRO, Egypt – Visibly nettled, the prime minister of Egypt leaned over the table at me. "This is not a police state," the silver-haired, one-time technocrat Ahmed Nazif snapped. OK, then how...

  • Loot or legit? Artifact sets off fuss

    CAIRO, Egypt – The smile of Ka Nefer Nefer is thin, intimate, knowing, a little like the Mona Lisa’s. The unknown artist who shaped Nefer’s funerary mask about 3,200...

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