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Kathy Lally

Lebanon and Syria 2004
Baltimore Sun
Lebanon and Syria

Kathy Lally is deputy foreign editor at the Baltimore Sun.


  • Syrian activists refuse to bow

    DAMASCUS, Syria -- Mild-mannered, frail and slightly bent, Riad al-Turk stood straight and powerful before the ruthless Syrian regime, preferring to spend 17 years in solitary confinement rather than renounce his political beliefs...

  • How a hero to Muslims is a villain to the West

    BEIRUT, Lebanon -- He has a gentle manner, a long religious pedigree and a reputation for impressive scholarship in the Shiite world that holds sway in Iraq, Iran and Lebanon. The United...

  • For Syria, ‘a long road’ to reforms

    May 14, 2004 DAMASCUS, Syria - The warrior Saladin once ruled these lands, among a line of caliphs and kings, despotic and not, stretching back thousands of years. Today's potentate is President Bashar Assad,...

  • For Arabs, report is a must-read

    BEIRUT, Lebanon - Nader Fergani smiles almost mischievously when he discusses the next installment - coming in October - of the most widely read publication in the Arab world. He enumerates the...

  • Beirut’s Green Line lingers still

    BEIRUT, Lebanon - Growing up in the middle of a civil war, with his city turned into a battlefield, bullets flying, neighbors disappearing, Yaser Abun-Nasr made sense of it as well as...

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