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Jori Lewis

Fellows Fall 2010
Freelance radio

Jori Lewis is a freelance writer and a radio journalist based in Brooklyn, NY. Her reporting focuses on the environment, global health and development and social justice topics. Jori has reported for magazines, radio shows and online news outlets including including PRI’s The World, the Online NewsHour, Salon.com and the Virginia Quarterly Review. In 2006 she was a contributing reporter to the George Polk Award-winning radio series “Early Signs: Reports from a Warming Planet.” Lewis has a master’s degree from UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism. She also holds a BA in anthropology and a MA in the social sciences, both from the University of Chicago.


  • Hunting for Food Security in Cameroon

    Jori Lewis traveled to Cameroon to report on food production as a 2010 IRP Fellow. In this video, Lewis discusses bush meat hunting and alternative livelihood projects--including cane rat husbandry--in Cameroon. She examines...

  • Cameroon Battles Brain Drain

    Listen Now. The University of Yaoundé sits on a hill in a quiet neighborhood of Cameroon's capital city. It is the country's oldest and most prestigious school, but it has fallen into...

  • Cane Rats as Delicacy

    The cane rat is not your average subway rat. It can grow almost two feet long and weigh 20 pounds. That's about the size of a healthy cat or a small dog. ...

  • Uphill Battle Against Poaching in Cameroon

    Listen Now. If you're looking for bushmeat in Cameroon's capital city Yaounde, head for the busy Nkolndongo Market. Vendors there sell snakes as tall as a person, striped civets, antelopes and porcupines...

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