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Holger Jensen

Indonesia 2000
Rocky Mountain News

Holger Jensen is an international editor at the Rocky Mountain News.


  • Indonesia Suffers While Leader Sleeps

    JAKARTA , Indonesia, June 29, 2000 -- Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid stunned a group of visiting American newspaper editors Tuesday by calmly announcing that he planned to arrest "thousands" of his political foes. "Hooligans acting...

  • Globalization ala Nike

    JAKARTA , Indonesia July 2, 2000 -- Most Indonesians have never heard of Tiger Woods or they might think it was unfair. As Nike's top salesman, so to speak, Woods earns $20 million a year for...

  • Defenders of Islam “Rent-a-Jihad”?

    JAKARTA , Indonesia June 27, 2000 -- Lately, hundreds of Muslim fundamentalists clad in white T-shirts and white Islamic caps have been running amok in the streets of this Indonesian capital, breaking beer bottles, smashing ...

  • Indonesia: Troubled transition in world’s largest Islamic nation

    JAKARTA , Indonesia, June 25, 2000 -- How do you govern a nation of 17,508 islands stretching roughly the distance from New York to Moscow with 220 million people from 300 distinct ethnic groups speaking 365 languages and dialects?...

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