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Annie Hylton

Fellows 2017
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Annie Hylton is an international investigative journalist from Canada.  Through long-form narrative writing, she seeks to create empathy and illustrate the human stakes behind key policy debates.  She writes about gender, immigration, human rights, and conflict, and has worked in the Middle East, Central America, Asia and Europe. She is an Adjunct Assistant Professor with the Global Migration Program at Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism, and was a former international lawyer focusing on situations of conflict.  Hylton is a graduate of Columbia University’s Stabile Center for Investigative Journalism and also holds a J.D. and Master of Laws in international humanitarian law.


  • Donald Trump’s War on African Women

    It was a Tuesday in the district of Merhabete, in central Ethiopia, and the smell of burning spices infused the air. Hundreds of people — men and boys herding donkeys and goats,...

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