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Travis Fox

Fellows Fall 2002

Travis Fox is an award-winning photographer, videographer and producer for WashingtonPost.com. In 2003, Fox was named Editor of the Year by the White House News Photographers Association for the second straight year. In 2002, he was also named Camera Person of the Year. He covered the War in Iraq in 2003. He has also had assignments in Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Israel and the Balkans. In 2002, Fox was awarded a IRP Fellowship in International Journalism, during which he produced a film about Roma (or Gypsy) migration to France. Fox's videos have also been featured on ABC's Nightline, PBS and MSNBC as well as various film festivals. He graduated magna cum laude from the Missouri School of Journalism. His recent work can be viewed at http://www.travisfox.com.


  • 2004 Gatekeeper Editors travel to Lebanon and Syria

    This video provides an overview of the 2004 Gatekeeper Editors trip to Lebanon and Syria, including the group's meeting with representatives of Hizbollah, Syrian President Bashar Assad and students and scholars at the...

  • The Gypsies of Vaulx-En-Velin

    In Fall 2002, International Reporting Project Fellow Travis Fox traveled to France to examine the plight of migrant Roma, or Gypsies. He returned with striking video, excerpts of which you see here.

  • From another time and place

    (Travis Fox, an award-winning photographer and video journalist with WashingtonPost.com, traveled to France to produce a documentary on Roma migrants in Western Europe. Here is an excerpt from his reporting.) The...

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