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Jonathan Ernst

Fellows Fall 2001
Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle

Jonathan Ernst is a photojournalist based in Washington, D.C. Previously, he was a staff photographer at the Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle, where he  worked on a wide range of topics, from the impeachment trial of President Clinton, the World Series and the Masters golf tournament to local court cases, high school sports and festivals such as the "Chitlin Strut" in Salley, S.C. Previously, he photographed and wrote stories about the arts in Russia and the influx of young Western backpackers in Vietnam. He earned his B.A. in English from Lenoir-Rhyne College in Hickory, N.C.


  • Photo Essay: Plan Colombia

  • In the Beginning

    It's ugly work. Under a nearly equatorial sun, peasant farmers, their fingers heavily wrapped with worn " strips of cloth and tape, furiously rip and tear the leaves away, bottom to top. They...

  • Supply and Demand

    Whether you buy drugs or not, you're paying for them. Federal and state prisons. County jails. Salaries for police officers, prosecutors and judges. Courthouses. Public assistance. Indigent hospital care. Homeless shelters. They...

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