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Marc Ellison

Mozambique 2014
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Marc Ellison is a freelance video- and photojournalist based in Glasgow (www.marcellison.com). Since 2011 he has worked extensively across Africa reporting on a variety of issues, including: the reintegration challenges facing female former child soldiers in Uganda; the plight of refugees in South Sudan; and reality radio for Malian farmers. Ellison has produced work for many prestigious media outlets including 60 Minutes, Al Jazeera English, BBC, The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, and Vice magazine. With a decade-long background in IT, Ellison is passionate about exploring and harnessing new digital media – including drones and interactive graphic novels – to enhance his storytelling. He is currently a data journalist covering the independence referendum for BBC Scotland. Ellison was also recently awarded bursaries from the Canadian Journalism Forum and Rory Peck Trust to undertake an intensive, week-long hazardous environment training course. Ellison holds two master's degrees in journalism and computer science, as well as a bachelor's degree in history.


  • “Even If One of My Children Got Malaria, I Wouldn’t Change My Mind”

    CHECK OUT THE VIDEO ABOVE SHOWING A FIRST-PERSON-SPRAYER’S POINT OF VIEW OF A SPRAY USING A GOPRO. Winston is a man whose strong convictions could prove fatal for...

  • Be Jet Li

    For teenage boys about to be circumcised, they look pretty relaxed. Half-perched on a car tyre, one of them shuffles cards from a martial arts-themed deck. The faces of Jet Li, Jackie...

  • Maputo Meanderings

    The colonial gaze, a subliminal how-to-vote poster from the government, and the red light district – such was my introduction to Mozambique’s capital. Jane Flood led a city tour...

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